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The Art of Creating Life and Business from The Inside Out

About Rebecca

By the time I was 19 I had had enough. I was tired of life banging me around. It felt like something else was running the show and I was just showing up to see what happened.  Growing up in a dysfunctional family like most of the world, I was tired of hurting. I had lost myself. Luckily my mother, who was always trying to do better gave me a 12 pack of cassette tapes by Abraham-Hicks. As I sat in the parking lot of my temp job listening to the first tape my eyes began to well up. I knew if this COULD work I had to figure out how to make it work. That was the beginning of a journey that would lead me right here…sitting at this desk…typing this bio and to teaching the thing I am most passionate about besides my family – Law of Attraction. The road has been bumpy. There have been many twists and turns. I have tried and failed and then succeeded then failed.  I have been working LOA for 26 years in my life and the results are amazing. No. I am talking about monetary results, although they do come. I am talking about the passion and knowing and oneness I feel. I am talking about being invincible. I am talking about real fucking freedom. The kind that makes you feel like you can fly. Really fucking fly.

I dabbled in LOA until I found out I was pregnant.  All bets were off and life HAD to get better no matter what. I refused to bring a child into the world to feel the pain I felt inside. So I did the work. Then, when my son was just 1 year old my husband went to prison…with a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. So ya the rubber was hitting the road. I had to do what I had to do. I have studied LOA heavily for the last 26 years and continue to practice and study it and evolve.

I have been a Realtor for the last 15 years and now teach people how to find their alignment through courses, lectures, online content and books (the first to be out late 2019).


LOA Junkie

Energy hustling is something I have made an art. By 19 I was already emotionally worn out and looking for relief. A 12 pack of cassette tapes fell in my lap and the rest is history. I am writing this book to share my life with you. The parts I like. The parts I don't like. And all the parts that  may help even one person. This book is chalk full of real life experience and ways to apply law of attraction to find REAL happiness.  It show you


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply attracts like. What you are attracts what you see. Where you focus is where you create.

ALIGN will start again on 1/11/19.  Another 33 people will be on an epic journey of self discovery and accountability....and owning their true power. To sign up for waitlist go to

ALIGN is right for everyone. It is a compilation of all I have learned in over 26 years of studying LOA. It is right for you if you want to be happier, attract more things you love without attaching to the stress of life.

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