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An ahhhhh-mazing visit

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2018

I just returned from maybe one of the best trips I have had seeing my husband. We have had many trips that were great but this one stands out for some obvious reasons. In case the picture didn't give it away, he's in prison. That's a story I will save for later. For now just know that he has a ridiculous amount of time, not one shred of physical evidence against him and a wife who is unrelenting in her love and determination to have him free.

Can you even imagine how that feels. That feeling that there is something in this world that is meant for you - okay a bit dramatic yet feels very on point - something so perfect for you - even in it's imperfection - yet you can't get to it. What do you even do with that kind of feeling? You can drown it in some sort of drug or alcohol. My younger me would have considered lighting a joint or blunt or whatever vessel would held and burned my weed long enough to smoke it and feel that immediate sense of chilllllll. The now me, the me who has a son and a thriving business and has found her alignment in so many ways uses her mind to find her balance.

Back to the visit. Sooo this visit was huge because after 18 years we got more information that will help him out than any other visit or all of them combined. Even though the CO's played games and made me wait until last to come back or made him wait in the visiting room more than an hour after I left, even though we had to eat those disgusting chicken sandwiches from the vending machine and fill our bellies with gummy lifesavers and corn chips all day during our 12 hour visits, even though we couldn't touch too much...but some...but hey! Not too damn much... even though all of that this trip was the best.

Count your blessings my friends. Be them big or small - like what other people have or totally different - count them all the same.


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