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You wanna be happy??

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2018

So often I talk to people and they tell me all these things they want. These big goals and high ideals they'd like to achieve. They think, like I did at some point in my life, that if they do actually achieve these goals they will finally be happy. They are chasing happy through external gratification. As long as the gratification is coming they are, or at least they THINK they are happy. That is a trap though. That kind of happy makes you crazy. That kind of happy has young girls with eating disorders because when their likes fall they try to fix it any way they can. That kind of happy makes people feel alone and depressed when the positive reinforcements stops rolling in.

You have to find the REAL happy my friends. The happy can't be taken away. It is a choice. It is a decision that you make and you keep making over and over.  If you are an avid LOA practitioner it may give you some relief to know that just finding the feeling of 'happy' is the first manifestation. Then that feeling continues to create.  Once you figure out that you, not your outer world, can dictate how you feel you gain some fact, you gain a lot of power. When you realize that all of how you feel, think and perceive is a choice. It is something you can change. Once you realize that you become infinitely more powerful.  Don't misunderstand, this is not about being right or wrong and has nothing to do with 'shoulds'. This is a CHOICE. A conscious choice to pick different thoughts, let people and things off the hook and BE in a different space.

For me, I had to find that space. Early on I had to figure out how to control my mind and feelings. I am a feeler y'all. I feel hard. I am extremely sensitive - meaning I feel things deeply not that I am upset for no reason all the time.  Being in that space and always feeling not only my feelings but other people's feelings I had to find a way to control my mind and not allow the feeling to take over my whole self. I did that through thought. I did that through not allowing myself (yes it is a choice) to go "there" ....that space that makes my stomach drop or my legs tingle when I can feel that it's too much for me. I did that through finding the very best of every situation and using my stubbornness to sit in those spaces vs the ones that may have been "right" but didn't feel good. It takes time and practice and a commitment to being happy. So many times our ego would like for us to be right more than happy...but that is a whole other subject.  Let's talk about ego tomorrow to give perspective to what it is and how to keep it in check. 

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xx Rebecca



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